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We are interested in developing a scaffold that has the capacity to encapsulate and release therapeutics in a time dependent manner.

Immune protection from an unexpected source (Source: MIT News accessed on April 26, 2012)

This study, conducted by the Ribbeck Lab at MIT, discovered that mucins, which make part of mucus biopolymer matrix, play a role in providing viral protection to cells. Previously, they have been thought of being structural and of providing protection against the body’s digestive enzymes in the gut. This new view of looking at mucins could possibly help us engineer and develop a biomaterial that could be used in an immuno-compromised individual to prevent the development of viral infections such as influenza or shingles.

Sialyllactose in Viral Membrane Gangliosides Is a Novel Molecular Recognition Pattern for Mature Dendritic Cell Capture of HIV-1. PLOS Biology

The mechanism of HIV-1 uptake into mature dendritic cells was previously unknown. In this paper, the authors showed that the sialyllactose moiety within viral membrane gangliosides acts as recognition molecules for uptake by mature dendritic cells. This allows for a source of targeting for drugs and other therapeutics to stop HIV uptake and spread.

Alginate microcapsules for pancreatic islet cell graft immunoprotection: struggle and progress towards the final cure for type 1 diabetes mellitus. (Source: Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy)

An editorial on the use of islet cells containing microcapsules as a solution for people with type 1 diabetes mellitus.