20.109(F11):Blogging and summary thoughts

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20.109(F11): Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering

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Blogs have met a need to communicate in real time and along a wide variety of subjects. Since there are many aspects of biological engineering that are "works in progress" there is real value in capturing your impressions as learners in this field. Thus, we have started a 20.109 blog and you, as students in 20.109, are being asked to reflect on your work in this lab class and then share your impressions. The 20.109 blog offers a place where you can interact and discuss your views with other biological engineering students. By blogging you'll improve your own communication skills, and clarify your own ideas and learning. Ultimately the blog will be used to improve the class and to better train future cohorts of 20.109 students.

Things you could blog about

  • Items you’ve read that are related to content in the class
  • Future directions you can imagine for the work
  • Exciting or unexpected results
  • Impressions about the assignments, lectures, structure of the class
  • Topics that connect class content to concerns/needs of your peers
  • your idea here...

Things you can’t do

  • Publish MIT's logo since that might be construed as MIT endorsement of your views
  • Publish photographs with people’s names tagged
  • Publish rude or malicious comments/statements

Submit 3 blog posts: one each module

Due before lecture on the following days:

  • Module 1: Not later than Thursday Oct 13th, 2011
  • Module 2: Not later than Tuesday Nov 15th, 2011
  • Module 3: Not later than Tuesday Dec 6th, 2011

Final Summary: Tuesday December 13th, 2011

Please include a cover sheet that puts in words your ideas about your 3 blog posts and your progress in 20.109.

This summary assignment is due by 11:00 a.m. on the last day of class. Please compile your summary and copies of your blog posts + any commentaries into a single file and then electronically upload the assignment to the Stellar website that is associated with our class. It is important that you name your files according to this convention: Firstinitial_Lastname_LabSection_BlogSummary.doc, for example: S_Hockfield_TR_BlogSummary.doc

There will be a 1/3 letter grade penalty for each day (24 hour period) late. If you are submitting your assignment after the due date, it must be emailed to nkuldell and astachow AT mit DOT edu. There will be no re-write option on this assignment.