20.109(F10): old announcements

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Module 2

  • Mark will hold office hours in preparation for the second journal club presentations and your research paper from 2 - 4:30 PM on Monday November 8 and again from 1:00 - 3:30 PM on Wednesday November 10 in the teaching lab.
  • A plasmid map of a KanR version of pPL PCB is available here.
  • Some very nice ideas and guidelines about M&M sections have been written by an extraordinary teacher, Tucker Crum, and they can be found here.
  • Please note that the Journal Club powerpoints are due at 11 AM on the day you're speaking. The order in which they are uploaded to the Stellar site is the order in which you will speak. Anyone who would *prefer* to speak during the lecture hour (11-12) vs the lab hours (1-5) can email NK directly to arrange this!
  • The P3 assignments that you turned in last week will be returned to the Stellar site tonight, and for the versions with hand-written comments, they are available in a folder outside NK’s office door (16-325). You’ll get feedback from NK, NT, and NL or LS. The mean on this assignment was 84 and the range was 77-98.

Module 1

  • Module 1 Progress Reports will be returned today (10/14) via Stellar. They were very good for a first try at this sort of work. Please look for comments from the writing faculty as well as edits on your reports and a grade sheet from NK. The average was an 81 and the range was 71-89. If you have questions there will be time in lab on Thursday to ask them.
  • Office hours in advance of the progress report's due date. 10.01.10 in the lab from 2-4:30. Drop by with questions if you have them!
  • The unedited images of your recovery gel are now posted on the same page. You may use these for your progress report!
  • The recovery gels are now posted with annotations of group names.Here's the link to the page if you can't find them: Recovery Gels from M1D3