20.109(F09): KaWi's Final Project

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Topics (in brief): Riboswitches to reg transcription.

PPAR-delta expression in macrophages recognize apoptotic cells.

Exit from mitosis into interphase through Sic1.

Amino Acid Mutations leading to human speech

'Ribosome Rescue'--pausing and restarting Ribosomes during translation

Cell motility assay -- on homogenous layer of quantum dots, cells engulf the nanocrystals and leave a non-fluorescent trail. More motility correlated with potential metastatic tumor cells.

Nanotubes can be heated with radio waves to kill cancer cells (need to know how to target cancer cells)

Cancer cells: Tools: HIV has integrase, protease, reverse transcriptase that are specific to HIV cells, distinguishing it from normal cells.

Ribosomes can be paused or restarted using releasing factors, tmRNA*SNPB.

How to make cancer cells trigger PPAR expression in macrophages. Or display receptors that bind to PPAR protein.

Possible idea 1: See how Ribosome Rescue paper's (pausing or restarting ribosomes) mechanism affects cancer cells. If one extreme or the other causes apoptosis.

Topic idea 2: Use riboswitch to turn on PPAR expression in macrophages, to initiate engulfment of apoptotic cells.

Topic idea 3: Engineer p8 of M13 to bind epitope (recognized by Ab), p3 to bind to EGFR (overexpressed in cancer cells)....or some recognition site specific to cancer cells/virus (GP41, GP120 for HIV).


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