19 January 2009

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Date: 19 January 2009; Time: 1100; Agenda: Culturing of PA01 inoculum.

Culturing of PA01:

  • Thaw PA01 from freezer until it liquifies.
  • Place 9ml LB broth in a test tube.
  • When PA01 has liquified, take out 0.5ml and mix it with the 9ml LB Broth.
    • Now we take out 0.5ml instead of 0.1ml (in the case of Ecoli K12) because the PA01 has been prepared since more than 1 year ago, hence it may not be as viable anymore.
  • Incubate in a 37degrees shaking incubator for 24hours at 200rpm. (24hours instead of 8hours for Ecoli)