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Welcome to Current Topics in Metabolism, Fall 2011 (CRN: 16246, BI 507). This semester, we will be discussing a series of papers in the general area of oxidative stress. Each week, we will read a paper from the current literature and participate in a presentation and discussion of the paper.

Class time: Thursdays, 4:00 - 5:15 p.m. Location: Portland State University, Neuberger Hall 389 Instructors: Dr.Harini Sampath, OHSU and Dr.Deborah Lutterschmidt, PSU

Class requirements: Each student will select and present a paper from the options listed. If you have a suggestion for an alternative paper that you think is particularly interesting and relevant, please email Dr.Sampath. Prepare a ~45 minute presentation using a format such as Powerpoint. Consider including background information on the topic (~10 mins), all the results presented in the paper (~30 mins), and a conclusions/insights section at the end (~5 mins).

On the Monday before you present, please email Dr.Sampath a set of 3 Discussion questions. These will be emailed to the class ahead of our meeting that Thursday. At the end of your presentation, the class will break up into groups of 3. You will assign a question to each of the groups, who will then discuss the issue among themselves for 5-10 minutes and then present their thoughts to the class.


  • Scheduling In Progress
Date Presenters Paper Discussion Questions
9/29/2011 Kiley Hicks Media:SIRT3_Is_a_Mitochondria-Localized_Tumor_Suppressor.pdf Media:Metabolism_SIRT-3_questions.pdf
10/6/2011 Kiley Hicks (contd.) Media:SIRT3_Is_a_Mitochondria-Localized_Tumor_Suppressor.pdf Media:Metabolism_SIRT-3_questions.pdf
10/13/2011 Anders Garlid Media:Sirt3_in_hearing_loss.pdf Media:Someya_et_al..doc
10/20/2011 Newall Al-Musaifry Media:Muscle_ROS_mediated_by_NFkB.pdf Media:NF-kB_and_ROS.doc
10/27/2011 Jason Maxfield Media:SMRT_and_mitochondrial_aging.pdf Media:SMRT_paper_questions.docx
11/3/2011 Sean Powers Media:Muscle_catalase_overexpression.pdf and Media:CR_induces_SOD2_via_Sirt3.pdf Media:Seminar_Discussion_Questions.pdf
11/10/2011 Claire Riggs Media:SOD-2_deletion_extends_lifespan_in_worms.pdf Media:SOD2_c_elegans.docx
11/17/2011 Michael Zemel Media:TOR_signaling_in_longevity_in_yeast.pdf
11/24/2011 xxxxxxxxxx THANKSGIVING, NO CLASS xxxxxxxxxx
12/1/2011 Media:Yeast_AMPK_acetylation_in_aging.pdf