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the fifth meeting

We read two papers.

1.A DNA nanomachine that maps spatial and temporal pH change inside living cells

  • Souvik Modi, Swetha M. G., Debanjan Goswami, Gagan D. Gupta, Satyajit Mayor

and Yamuna Krishnan

The summary is as follows:Previously, the performance of DNA machines has been limited to in vitro, but now the I-switch was reported. It is triggered by protons and functions as a pH sensor based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer inside living cells. It is an efficient reporter of pH from pH 5.5 to 6.8. To demonstrate its ability to function inside living cells, the I-switch was used to map spatial and temporal pH changes associated with endosome maturation.

2.Transcription Regulation System Mediated by Mechanical Operation of a DNA Nanostructure

  • Masayuki Endo,Ryoji Miyazaki,Tomoko Emura,Kumi Hidaka,and Hiroshi Sugiyama

The summary is as follows: