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We are located on the M-level of Guyot Hall of Princeton University.

Lab Home

Location Telephone Email Title
Dr. Bridgett vonHoldt Guyot Hall M151 609-258-7021 vonholdt@princeton.edu Assistant Professor
Kerry Machemer Guyot Hall M154 609-258-3792 Post-doctoral Researcher
Yashira Afanador-Hernandez Guyot Hall M154 609-258-3792 yashiraa@princeton.edu Visiting Graduate Student
Gitanjali Gnanadesikan Guyot Hall M155 ggnanade@princeton.edu Undergraduate, Class of 2014
Eskender McCoy Guyot Hall M155 emmcoy@princeton.edu Undergraduate, Class of 2014
General Lab Guyot Hall M156 609-258-5587
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