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Effect of Tris Buffer on AuNP Main project page
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To continue the experiment performed on 02/01/12 to determine the effects of various concentrations of tris buffer on AuNP absorbance.


  1. Take UV-vis data for various dilutions of tris buffer (pH 10.9)
    • 1 M
    • 500 mM
    • 200 mM
    • 100 mM
    • 75 mM


The following graph shows a zoom-in at 550nm on the spectra obtained by varying the concentration of Tris buffer added to the AuNPs.

The following graph shows the concentration of buffer vs. absorbance for each dilution.


The addition of more concentrated tris buffer appeared to have a small effect on the AuNPs overall. However, the nanoparticles had a decreased absorbance with the addition of more buffer in solution. Also, all additions of tris buffer resulted in a shift of the apex of the peak towards shorter wavelengths (blue-shift).

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