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  • Made ≈ 50% MOF-5 filament by adding 1.5009g ABS and 1.3992 g MOF-5. Added the ABS pellets and powder to the extruder. I did not have a nozzle on it and took the end of what was inside it out and ran the XRD on it. I arranged it as a mosaic.
  • The overlay of MOF-5 with the 50% MOF-5 extruded

Casting then extruded 50% MOF-5 in ABS

  • Made a 50% MOF-5 casting of 1.5073 g ABS and 1.3968 g of MOF-5 in 15 mL of acetone. Proceeded to ultrasonicate. Let it sit overnight and then put in the extruder on 5/22/2014 as a thick filament


  • The MOF-5 used was not rinsed in DMF after the synthesis

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