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Site directed Mutagenesis

Image:IGEM Mutant QBP prep.pdf DR
Possible ways to mutate QBP to bind to glutamate. Link DR Full article
Tm calculator for Primers Link DR
Active site amino acids to try mutating: 13, 50, 115(maybe) JM 5/4/12
List of sites for protein modeling. here Avogadro is looking promising. JM 5/4/12

QBP (glnh)

General info:
Gene and Protein info
Location and parts
Gene Sequence
Protein Sequence
Structure also hereJM
List of all known Glutamate Receptors is found in table 1 of this paper. JM 4/27
Proteins associated with glnH. link. JM 5/11/12

Glutamate Binding Research

Expression of GluR in ecoli as Periplasmic Protein.Link
Potential Glutamate binding protein. 1st article 2nd article JM

Maltose Binding

Detailed Maltose binding Transport DR
[MalT Gene]

Tar, Trg, Taz

Tar EcocycJM 5/18/12
Taz paper JM 5/29/12
Tar article JM 6/5/12
Tar vs gnl blast JM 6/8/12

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