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. 11/2011: Yuanxin's RRBSMAP paper was accepted to Bioinformatics.

. 09/2011: Wei Li was promoted to tenured Associate Professor at BCM. Cheers!

. 09/2011: Deqiang's DNA methylation paper with Peggy Goodell lab was accepted to Nature Genetics.

. 08/2011: Kaifu's NSD2 epigenetic paper with Or Gozani lab at Stanford was accepted to Molecular Cell.

. 08/2011: A NIH R01 grant was funded. We will work with Dr. Wang at the Ohio State University to understand the role of histone methylations in prostate cancer.

. 07/2011: Liguo's FoxA1 cistrome paper was accepted to Cancer Research.

. 07/2011: See our Genomic Regulation Technical Guide on Genome Technology magazine

. 07/2011: Dr. Zheng Xia will join us as a postdoc fellow. Zheng has PhD in Control Theory and Engineering Computer Science from Zhejiang University in China. Welcome!

. 05/2011: Dr.Bert O'Malley's coregulator network paper was published in Cell. Wei is a co-author on the paper.

. 04/2011: Liguo's Prostate Cancer RNA-seq paper was officially accepted to PNAS.

. 03/2011: Our Texas CPRIT Multi-Investigator grant was funded with a total direct cost of ~$10M for 5 years. This project will bring together a "dream team" in cancer epigenetic research. We will direct the bioinformatics component for LONESTAR.

. 01/2011: Yuanxin's fragile nucleosome paper was accepted to Genome Research.

. 01/2011: Yuanxin and Liguo's Atoh1 targetome paper was accepted to PNAS.

. 12/2010: Liguo's fly RNA-seq paper was published in Genome Research.

. 10/2010: A Texas CPRIT grant was funded. We will work with Dr. Goodell at BCM to understand DNA Methylgransferase 3B in normal and malignant hematopoiesis.

. 08/2010: Our Pilot Project was funded by a NIH Stem Cell P01 Grant.

. 07/2010: The DNA methylation platform comparision paper was accepted to Nature Biotechnology.

. 06/2010: Hao Zhao will join us as a postdoc fellow. Hao has a PhD in Computer Science from City University of Hong Kong. Welcome!

. 05/2010: Our paper titled "Histone modifications and chromatin organization in prostate cancer" has been accepted by Epigenomics.

. 01/2010: A Texas CPRIT grant has been funded. We will use ChIP-seq and RNA-seq to analyze Androgen Receptor (AR) function in Prostate Cancer with Dr. Weigel at BCM.

. 01/2010: Wei Li is an invited speaker in the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Special Conference on Cancer Epigenetics at Puerto Rico.

. 01/2010: Deqiang Sun will join us as a postdoc fellow. Deqiang has a PhD in Condensed Matter Physics from Texas A&M University. Welcome!

. 12/2009: Dr.Bert O'Malley's SRC-3 ChIP-seq paper has been accepted by Molecular Endocrinology. Liguo and Wei are co-authors on the paper.

. 12/2009: Liguo's RNA-seq methodology paper has been accepted by PLoS ONE. Congratulations Liguo!

. 11/2009: Wei Li received a New Investigator Award from the Department of Defense (DOD) Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP). Cheers!

. 11/2009: Wei Li gave a Keynote Presentation at the Symposium on Advances in Cell Signaling, Cancer Prevention and Therapy at South Padre Island, Texas.

. 09/2009: A prestigious NIH Challenge grant has been funded. We will use ChIP-seq to analyze RXRa binding in mouse liver with Dr. Karpen at Texas Children's Hospital.

. 09/2009: A two-year $2.5 million NIH Grand Opportunity (GO) grant has been funded. We will study aging epigenomics with Drs. Darlington and Goodell at BCM.

. 09/2009: A prestigious NIH Challenge grant has been funded. We will use RNA-seq to characterize patient cardiac progenitors with Dr. Pu at Harvard Medical School.

. 06/2009: Yuanxin's Bisulfite Sequence Mapping paper has been accepted by BMC Bioinformatics. Congratulations Yuanxin!

. 06/2009: Kaifu Chen has accepted our postdoc offer. Kaifu has a PhD in Genomics and Bioinformatics from Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Welcome!

. 03/2009: Wei's paper titled 'Reprogrammed Androgen Receptor Function in Androgen-Independent Prostate Cancer' has been accepted by Cell.

. 03/2009: Cancer Epigenomics Workshop Please join us on May 2nd 2009 at MD Anderson Cancer Center. This meeting is organized by Steffi Oesterreich, Wei Li and Jean-Pierre Issa.

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