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Michael Wilson, PhD

Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute
Li Ka Shing Centre Robinson Way, Cambridge, CB2 0RE phone:01223404502
email: michael.wilson ^at^ cancer ^dot^ org ^uk^

I am a Postdoctoral Research fellow in Duncan Odom's laboratory at the Cambridge Research Insitute

My PhD was done in the Koop lab in the Centre for Biomedical Research at University of Victoria.


Research Interests

Comparative genomics and evolution

    • Evolution of transcription factor binding
    • Genomics regions associated with duplications, insertions, deletions and disease
    • 7q11 William-Beuren syndrome
    • 7q22 Acute myeloid leukemia
    • Paired immunoglobulin like receptors
    • Segmental duplications
    • Alternative splicing

Using mouse genetics and embryonic stem cells to investigate the function of novel genes

    • Zonadhesin -- Zonadhesin is a novel gene that is under positive selection and is hypothesized to play a role in the species specific recognition of sperm and egg in mammals (In collaboration with Daniel Hardy and Andras Nagy)
    • Ars2 -- Ars2 was first discovered by others as a gene that conferred arsenite resistance to an arsenite sensitive cell line. We characterized this gene in humans and mice and are currently studying the phenotype of Ars2 mutants. This is in collaboration with Andras Nagy, Perry Howard, Robert Burke and Diana Wang.
    • Gnrhr -- This is a collaboration with Dr. Nancy Sherwood and Sheng Wu.
    • Achi -- A novel gene embedded in Ache (In collaboration with Corrinne Lobe, more information coming soon).


PhD, University of Victoria, October 2005
B.Sc., University of Victoria. My undergraduate degree was in Biochemistry and Hispanic studies.


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