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Hughes Lab 2016

Hughes Lab, July 2016
Pictured from left to right: Michael Hughes, Patricia Parker, Paris Siggers, Erin Terry, Scott Lewis

Michael Hughes

Michael E Hughes, PhD
Assistant Professor
PhD: Harvard Medical School, 2007
MS/BS: Stanford University, 2002
Postdoctoral Associate, Hogenesch Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 2007-2009.
Postdoctoral Fellow, Nitabach Laboratory, Yale University School of Medicine, 2009-2013.

Google Scholar Profile
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Contact: hughesmi <at>
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Erin Terry

Erin E Terry
BS: University of Missouri, Columbia, 2003
MS: University of Missouri, St. Louis, 2014
Contact: arante <at>

Jiajia Li

Jiajia Li
Graduate student
BS: China Agricultural University. 2008
MS: Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Shanghai. 2011
Contact: jl9q6 <at>

Scott Lewis

Scott Lewis
Graduate Student
BS: University of Missouri, St. Louis, 2016

Paris M. Siggers

Paris M. Siggers
High School Senior (Intern)
Jennings Senior High School, St. Louis, 2016

Lab Alumni

Jason Bedwinek

Jason Bedwinek
Undergraduate Student
Biology Major (BS)

Ayesha Baig

Ayesha Baig
BS: University of Missouri, St. Louis, 2014
Contact: abwyf <at>

Camile Lugarini

  • Camile Lugarini

PhD candidate UFRPE
Contact: camilelug <at>

Hughes Lab 2015 - 2016

Hughes Lab, April 2015
Pictured from left to right: Erin Terry, Michael Hughes, and Jiajia Li

Hughes Lab 2014

Hughes Lab, December 2014
Pictured from left to right: Michael Hughes, Erin Arant, Jiajia Li, and Camile Lugarini
In front of the gazebo adjacent to Bugg Lake, University of Missouri--St. Louis.

Hughes Lab
Department of Biology
University of Missouri, St. Louis

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