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Open Fluorometer Project

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Vincent 10:05, 6 June 2009 (EDT): to be updated over the summer 2009 Feel free to add more relevant resources.


  • Fluorescence-related:
    • Fluorescence
    • Fluorophore
    • Emission spectra
    • Excitation spectra
  • Optics-related:
    • LED
    • Lense
    • Light source collimation
    • Excitation filter
    • Emission filter
    • Dichroic mirror
    • Photodiode
  • Electronic-reated
    • Lock-in system
    • Amplifier

Fluorescence measurements and standards

Generic Fluorometer Designs


  1. Xiao D, Zhao S, Yuan H, and Yang X. . pmid:17154328. PubMed HubMed [1]
  2. Xiao D, Yan L, Yuan H, Zhao S, Yang X, and Choi MM. . pmid:19072930. PubMed HubMed [2]
All Medline abstracts: PubMed HubMed

Interesting published designs

  1. Yang FB, Pan JZ, Zhang T, and Fang Q. . pmid:19269486. PubMed HubMed [1]
  2. Novak L, Neuzil P, Pipper J, Zhang Y, and Lee S. . pmid:17180202. PubMed HubMed [2]
  3. Shrinivasan S, Norris PM, Landers JP, and Ferrance JP. . pmid:17416310. PubMed HubMed [3]
  4. Segura-Carretero A, Fernández-Sánchez JF, and Fernández-Gutiérrez A. . pmid:19151944. PubMed HubMed [4]
All Medline abstracts: PubMed HubMed
  • "An Inexpensive LED-Based Fluorometer Used to Study a Hairpin-Based DNA Nanomachine", Hanwen Yan, 2005.

Selected designs (in details)



  • Equipment: LEDs, microcontroller
  • Lock-in system based on a 555 Timer IC for example

Commercial products

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