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Kim Lab News!!!

Zach (Kentucky Opportunity) and Lin (Dissertation Year) awarded Pre-Doctoral Fellowship for the year 2015-2016. Congratulations!!

Lin awarded the AFPE Pre-Doctoral Fellowship in the Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences (May, 2015). Congratulations!!

Zach's paper accepted for the publication in the J Med Chem (Feb 2015)

MinJae officially joined the Kim Lab as a graduate student (Jan 2015). Welcome!!

Kim's ChemBioChem paper published online (Dec 4, 2014)

QQ joined the Kim Lab in Oct 20 2014. Welcome!!

Changwe joined the Kim Lab in Aug 2014. Welcome!!

Yujin joined the Kim Lab in July 2014. Welcome!!

Kim successfully renewed the AFPE pre-doctoral fellowship for the year 2014-2015. Congratulations!!

Zach awarded the 2014-2015 GSAY fellowship. Congratulations!!

Jieun's Molecular BioSystems paper published (Mol BioSys 10, 196-200, 2014)

College of Pharmacy, University of Kentucky

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