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The Neoprep is an automated library production instrument. It is currently only capable of handling Illumina Truseq libraries. The Neoprep work using

the principle of electrowetting to move droplets of reagent surrounded by an oil layer in a library card using electric charge. Moving reagents this way reduces cost of tips and eliminates almost all moving parts while still allowing complicated automation steps such as PCR and magnetic separation. The instrument is challenging to load, but once loaded, all library production steps are done hands free.

The Neoprep produces very consistent libraries across RNA from all eukaryotes we have tested. Input requirements are rigid - 25-100ng of total RNA and the size of the inserts is locked by the machine. Standard RNAseq library production is better suited for variation from this theme. Libraries produced by the instrument have been characterized by very low rRNA contamination and often have some of the best Exon:Intergenic ratios we've observed. The instrument does have a tendency to lose single samples - or whole cassettes, so very precious samples should not be loaded on the Neoprep.
The strongest test of the Neoprep is the complexity of libraries generated on the instrument. Compared to standard library preparation (light colors), the Neoprep works on par with most preps using somewhat less input material. Note, this complicated test is also impacted by tissue/species/input amount.
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