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Current members

  • Joseph Bateman (PI)

  • Ariana Gatt (PhD student)

  • Olivia Duncan (PhD student)

  • Katja Maierbrugger (PhD student)

  • Rachel Hunt (PhD student)

  • Elin Vinsland (PhD student)

Past members

  • Amelie Avet-Rochex (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, currently a postdoc in the Durand lab, Lyon, France)

  • Nancy Carvajal (Technician, currently a technician in the MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology, KCL)

  • Umut Cagin (PhD student, currently a postdoc in the Enriquez lab, Madrid, Spain)

  • Christina Christoforou (Technician)

  • Ilaria Nisoli (Technician, Currently lab manager at ICL)

  • Aamna Kaul (PhD student, currently a postdoc in the Jennings lab, UCL)

  • Gavin Craig (Lab manager, currently lab manager at the James Black Centre, KCL)

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