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<modelParameter>Ste4Ste18Ste5_Ste5_coop_factor = </modelParameter>


The factor by which Ste5 dimerization affinity is altered by one Ste5 monomer being bound to Ste4:Ste18. This is the same factor by which Ste5 dimerization changes Ste5's affinity for Ste4:Ste18.


This is the factor by which prior binding to of a Ste5 molecule to Ste4:Ste18 changes its affinity for a Ste5 molecule that is not bound to a Ste4:Ste18. Likewise, this is also the factor be which dimerization of Ste5 alters Ste5's affinity for Ste4:Ste18.
Kd_Ste4Ste18Ste5_Ste5 = Kd_Ste5_Ste5 / Ste4Ste18Ste5_Ste5_coop_factor
Ste4Ste18Ste5_Ste5_coop_factor > 1 means that prior binding of Ste4:Ste18 to Ste5 increases Ste5's dimerization affinity.


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Additional Details

See Ste4:Ste18/Ste5 interactions and Ste5 dimerization/oligomerization for more details.
See also Ste5 dimerization and Ste4 binding rate constant constraints.