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About Ste3

  • Ste3 is the a-factor receptor found on the surface of α-cells. Dohlman and Thorner, 2001 PMID 11395421


Although we are not including Ste3 in our model, if we were to include Ste3 it would participate in the following reactions, in an analogous fashion to Ste2. Pheromone/Receptor/G protein interactions
Ste2 synthesis/endocytosis/degradation
G protein nucleotide hydrolysis/exchange
RGS(Sst2)/Galpha(Gpa1)/Receptor(Ste2) interactions
Ste12 mediated protein synthesis
Non-specific dephosphorylation
Protein dilution/synthesis due to cell growth

Species Representation

We will not include Ste3 in our model.