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Moleculizer is a combination reaction-network generator and stochastic simulator, developed at the Molecular Sciences Institute. You can read about Moleculizer in the article Moleculizer-paper. Moleculizer documentation is available at Moleculizer documentation. Stay tuned for the upcoming Moleculizer 2.0 release.

This wiki was created to enable extraction of a BioNetGen model from the wiki's overall content. Moleculizer input has a more complicated structure than BioNetGen input, so that it would be difficult if not impossible to generate both by extracting overall content from the same wiki. Hence, Moleculizer models are only loosely coupled with the wiki by (largely bi-directional) links between the wiki and HTML translations of the Moleculizer models. This should make it possible to use the wiki to document many Moleculizer models and to have more than one model implementing the ideas set forth in the wiki.

The Moleculizer model currently connected with the wiki is not as complete as the BioNetGen model; it only covers the receptor complex, down through recruitment of Ste5 to the membrane by binding to Ste4. You can see traces from the simulation produced by this model at moleculizer-simulation-results.