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<modelParameter>MAPK_pY_only_PO4_factor = 5</modelParameter>


This is the factor by which phosphorylation of Fus3 or Kss1 on just the tyrosine decreases its kinase activity, compared to the activity of doubly phosphorylated Fus3 or Kss1 for that same target.
kcat_MAPKpY_target_PO4 = kcat_MAPKpTpY_target_PO4 / MAPK_pY_only_PO4_factor
MAPK_pY_only_PO4_factor > 1 means that MAPKpY phosphorylates its targets more slowly than MAPKpTpY.


  • Determined experimentally for Fus3 phosphorylation of MBP.


  • Medium

Additional Details

  • A value (35) was also estimated for ERK2 phosphorylation of MBP and ELK1.

See MAPK/target interaction properties for more details.