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<modelParameter>Fus3_Kss1_Kd_preference_factor = 10</modelParameter> ± 6


This is the average factor by which Fus3 binds more strongly to certain targets than Kss1 binds the same targets.
Kd_Kss1_target = Fus3_Kss1_Kd_preference_factor * Kd_Fus3_target.
Fus3_Kss1_Kd_preference_factor > 1 means that Fus3 binds these targets more strongly than Kss1.


  • Experimentally measured for Fus3/Kss1 binding to Ste5 (6.5), Dig1 (17) and Far1 (6.5), with an average value of 10, and standard deviation of 6.


  • Medium

Additional Details

See MAPK/target interaction properties for more details.