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Autoclave - Start up procedure, flush & dart warm-up.

Autoclave – Tubes, glass cylinders, flasks to 1000ml.

Run Dishwasher – Run flasks and tubes as priority. Max two full cycles in one day.

Tips – Reload and Autoclave tips and tubes for Smolke and Endy labs. Recycle packaging.

Receive Shipments – Check and file paperwork, inventory it for Smolke lab, put away items.

Recycling – Break down boxes, stage neatly for pick-up. Returnable styrofoam boxes to loading dock

Orders – Place orders as necessary.

Waste – M,W,F Autoclave any biohazard waste from plate bin or tissue culture room.


Gel Station – M–Change bench paper.

Dishwasher – M–Top up rinse dispenser, clean screen.

Autoclave – M-–Check screen. Check pressures.

Scales – T– Wipe down and maintain cleanliness, check supplies.

Media – T– Make LB and LB Agar as needed for Endy lab.

Disposables – W– Check general supplies.

Freezers – W– Remove frost on one freezer per week.

Glassware – Th– Maintain stock of autoclaved bottles.

Recycling – Th–Empty paper recycling bins to hall bins. Recycle batteries.

Sinks – F–Wipe down and maintain cleanliness.

ChemTracker –F–One area per week to maintain.

A– B17 4C, -20C, Cold Room

B– Chemical Room

C– Bay A itemsTC room, TC 4C, -20 Smolke, -20 Endy, Endy 4C

D– Small Refrigerators in other bays/ Hood/Flammable/Corrosive


Training – Make sure everyone has current training for Safety and Chemicals.

Equipment – Schedule maintenance for pipets once a year Smolke-May. Endy-July

Hoods – Check dates on waste containers, schedule pick-up.

Meetings – Meet with Christina and Drew.

Meetings for BERT when necessary.