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The Commons Scripts are a set of scripts that allow you to tag images that need to be moved to the commons or deleted according to CSD I8. The will either add the template {{move to commons}} or {{subst:ncd}}. The scripts can be found at User:Legoktm/mtc.js, User:Legoktm/ncd.js, and User:Legoktm/com.js. An advanced version is available User:Legoktm/com2.js, which includes User:CWii/JB2script.js. These were written by Splarka.


After installation, do not forget to bypass your cache.

Combined Script

To be able to add {{move to commons}} and {{subst:ncd}}, add following to your monobook.js:


Move to Commons Script

If you would only like the {{move to commons}} script add:


Now Commons Script

If you would only like the {{subst:ncd}} script add:



If you add both the Move to Commons Script and the Now Commons Script, the scripts will not work properly. You must use the Combined Script.

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