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Steve Koch 01:18, 23 June 2009 (EDT): These are excellent notes. Very easy to follow and lots of important information included. For example, we could note the concentration of sodium ions from your notes (125 mM), which could be important information. The only thing missing is exact product numbers. Most people would not have noted this, and in fact, these are fairly common chemicals and most people wouldn't publish the product numbers. However, it can only help and it a great habit to develop. The problem is we don't have a convenient way to do it. At a minimum, you can say "using products most recently ordered," and then we could figure it out from packing list. Better would be to snap some pictures of the products you used. I'm dreaming of an easy way to do this (and have been discussing with Ant). E.g., having a digital camera with bluetooth. So, please keep your eyes open for a good solution to this problem. Good work today--you're learning a ton of stuff that's pretty foreign to most physicists.