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February 5th


  1. Prepare stock solutions
    1. Dissolve HAuCl4 in water to have a solution of 10mM
    2. Dissolve 250mg of the citrate sodium salt into 25mL of water
  2. In a beaker mix 50mL of water and a volume of the gold stock solution corresponding to 1.214*10^-2 moles of Gold
  3. Bring solution to a boil
  4. Add a 0.5mL of the citrate sodium solution and reflux for 30 minutes
    1. Note color change from dark blue to red

  • Protein Gold Nanoparticles
    • First I made the buffer solution. The pH was 5. I made it using 0.0003 moles of acetic acid 1M and 0.0006 moles of potassium acetate
    • Going to make 10^-6M HRP solution in the buffer\
      • we then filled up 100ml volumetric flask
    • Take 1ml of the solution and add to 9ml of nanoparticles...take 100ul and add to 9.9mls of gold to make solutions

  • one solution was 10^-7M protein in nanoparticles. The other was 10^-8