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January 28th


Make citrate nanoparticles

  • 1) 1.158mL of 10mM HAuCl4 added to 50mL of water
    • Making HAuCl4
      • Added 0.0413g HAuCl3 to 10mL volumetric flask
    • Made Sodium citrate solution
      • added 0.250g sodium citrate into 25mL volumetric flask
  • 2) Heat solution until it boils
  • 3) 0.5mL of 10mg/mL citrate sodium added to solution and heated until color changes from dark blue to red

Determine the size of the nanoparticle solution


  • so far we have heated the solution and it has not turned blue
    • possible that not enough gold was added
    • need to check how much we added when we made it earlier
  • We then made a new solution where we added 2mLs of 10.48mM gold solution
  • The solution with 2mL of gold did undergo color change
  • We then prepared another solution with the correct amount of citrate
    • 863uL of citrate was added to the solution
      • In the first batch we added 500uL

  • Now I am going to do UV Vis on the samples
    • Specifically 1/10 dilutions

  • there was a much higher peak in the correct dillution than the first "random" solution where we did not have the correct amount of citrate