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What was done

Today we analyzed our gold nanoparticles solutions using atomic absorption


Table 1. Standard Au Solution preparation from 1000μg/mL AA Au gold standard solution

Concentration(μg/mL) Volume of stock Au solution(mL) Volume Deionized water added(mL)
10 0.1 9.9
20 0.2 9.8
30 0.3 9.7
40 0.4 9.6
50 0.5 9.5

Table 2. AA spectroscopy AuNP-protein solutions observations

Au:Lysozyme Ratio Appearance of solution Au:Hemoglobin Ratio Appearance of solution
5 Colorless 30 Lightly colored
10 Lightly colored 50 Lightly colored
15 Colored darkly 70 Darkly colored
20 Colored 90 Darkly colored
25 Colored 110 Colorless
30 Colored 130 Colorless
35 Colored 150 Colorless
40 Colorless 170 Colorless
45 Colorless 190 Colorless
50 Colorless 210 Colorless

  • All of the solutions, if stated as colored, had a purplish color.

Figure 1. Absorbance spectra of AuNP Lysozyme solutions
Atomic Absorbance Spectra of AuNP Lysozyme solutions zem .png
Figure 2. Absorbance Spectra of AuNP-Hemoglobin solutions
Atomic Absorbance Spectra of AuNP-Hemoglobin solutions zem.png
Figure 3. Calibration Curve for Gold Standards
Calibration Curve for Gold Standards lysozymehemozem.png
Figure 4. Concentration vs. Absorbance Au-Hemoglobin solutions Concentration vs. Absorbance AuNP-Hemoglobin solutions zem.png
Figure 5. Concentration vs. Absrobance AuNP-Lysozyme solutions
Concentration vs. Absorbance of AuNP-Lysozyme solutions zem.png