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Right now our goal is to finish the UV-Vis samples from Wednesday. We have about 9 more samples of HRP to run. We also have new HRP samples to run and myoglobin samples to run.

Figure 1. Corrected Absorbance Spectra of HRP-AuNP solutions (30:1 to 210:1 ratios)

  • These solutions did not form fibers.

Figure 2. Corrected Absorbance Spectra of HRP-AuNP solutions (230:1 to 410:1 ratios)

  • All of the prepared solutions were colorless and did not form fibers

Figure 3: Corrected Absorbance Spectra of Myoglobin-AuNP solutions

Figure 4: Myoglobin-AuNP solutions
Figure 5. HRP-AuNP solutions

  • no particles formed for the HRP nanoparticle solution