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Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

To Do

Today we are rerunning our ADA solutions using 2mls volume. We are also diluting our citrate solution tenfold. We are running Atomic Absorption on all our gold solutions in addition to the BSA solution.


Today we reran our ADA solutions using 2mls volume instead of 1ml volume. The graph turned out much better.

Calibration Curve Atomic Absorption Gold Standards

This table shows the Grubbs tests calculations for our data set.

Concentration(μg/mL) Suspected Outliers(Abs) Gexp
5 0.1164 1.288081628
10 0.2102 1.140265886
15 0.2856 1.216520053
20 0.4572 1.571958215
25 0.5377 1.029873242
25 0.4619 1.014767716



Atomic Absorption Group Data.jpg

' Concentration gold(ug/mL) Atoms gold
BSA 0.015551764 4.77E+13
Citrate-AuNP 1/10 dilution 0.006918789 2.11529E+13