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  • Western blot of yesterday was cut in 3 and incubated with primary antibody
    • AKAP450 (mouse, BD Bioscience, 611518)
    • RIIα(mouse, BD Bioscience, 612243)
    • AKAP95 (mouse, Transduction Laboratories, 610995)
    • As internal control also GAPDH need to be measured,
    • 20 µL reaction volume, as given by the machine
    • Human GAPDH primer (Applied biosystems)
    • Taqman Gene expression master mix


<html> <a href=",_AKAP9.xls">

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</a> </html> qPCR Jurkat expression AKAP12, AKAP9, GAPDH

<html> <a href="">

  <img src="" alt="" width="50" height="50">

</a> </html> ELISA VIABILITY STAINING ONLY (Alamar blue)