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*Wayne G. Shreffler 23:25, 2 June 2009 (EDT):

  • Orientation for Priya in morning
    • needs novell/ email
    • needs accounts
  • R course lesson 2
    • Need to create assignment for next week that involves editing an existing figure
  • Met with Carl -- Project will focus on CCL22 effect on basophils
    • Does CCL22 (or CCL17) induce RALDH2? can test using Aldefluor
    • Does CCL22 activate basophils to alter Th differentiation? co-culture basos and T cells, activate T cells by anti-CD3/-CD28
  • Met with Caitlin -- will focus on following experiments:
    • DHR with CD63 and pErk following anti-IgE to look at function of endo H2O2.
    • straight desensitization with anti-IgE and fMLP in which sups are saved for histamine measurement.
    • kinetics of DHR following stim
    • dependence of peroxide-induced desens on src kinase (use inhibitor)