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Notes for 2:00 June 10, 2010 meeting (Heather, Maribeth, Valerie)

  • Discussed breakdown of projects, relation of projects to each other.
  • Literature review: Maribeth will confer with Susie Allard next week to solidify expectations for Literature Review, ways for everyone to contribute since everyone is reviewing literature for data citation. Have everyone gather bibliography and annotate.
  • For now, Valerie will focus on project with Heather.
  • Heather suggested: Use of Zotero, worth thinking about what we will use Bibliography, resource for community and internet at large. Can people without Zotero access bookmarks? Could also use Connotea or Citeulike.
  • Maribeth: easier to transfer Zotero bookmarks to document. Will follow up more on how to share.
  • Heather: may be useful if bibliography was a living document/set of resources. Could continue adding resources past the time of summer project.
  • Valerie: will look further into Zotero, Citeulike and Connotea as far as what is easier to use.
  • Heather: Citeulike and Connotea are web resources (no software). Connotea is home of open access tagging project (potential benefit, tagging data citation projects), more often where open access people look.
  • Maribeth: way to import current resource list using either Citeulike or Connotea since Zotero might have more limitations as far as living for past the life of this project.