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Report 2012/02/28

Symptoms i observed:

  • headache
  • cough (mild)
  • sinus irritation (mild)
  • something happened with the atmosphere after 4h00pm EDT..
  • phenomenon similar to observed artificial clouds with electromagnetic-like patterns
  • no visible planes observed.


  • "Wide specificity for aromatic amines, including serotonin; also catalyses acetyl-transfer between arylamines without CoA." LINK

Alternative Hypothesis: Do not forget the chassis..

  • In the so-called "chemtrails" phenomenon, the chassis (vector system) is organic (i.e: bacterium or virus plasmid) and foreign DNA material may be transformed using selectable enzymatic reactions into the host.
  • In addition, growing evidences suggests such scenario is a fair representation of sophisticated biological attacks on unwary citizens made by terrorists with fairly advanced bioweapons.