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  • Investigate "enantioselective" properties of DMSO based nucleophiles, to catalyze and subvert amino acids metabolism for chiral drug biosynthesis (including monoamine oxidase inhibitors agonists),and atypical chemotherapy purposes.
  • Keywords: Cys, Gly, Glu, His, ...
  • "In June 1943, using a State Department draft, Roosevelt sharply reaffirmed United States policy on gas warfare: “Use of such weapons has been outlawed by the general opinion of civilized mankind. This country has not used them, and I hope we never will be compelled to use them. I state categorically that we shall under no circumstances resort to the use of such weapons unless they are first used by our enemies.” Such a ringing statement of morality, even as the barbarities of war chipped away at other parts of the international military code, made it unlikely that FDR would yield easily to entreaty or to the claim of exigency." LINK