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Dual-purposes "Cognitive Dissonance in the City"...

What could possibly means dual-purposes research of synthetic biology...?

  • Dual-purposes Synthia! ;-)
  • Dual-purposes Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors for atypical schizophrenia therapy?
  • Dual-purposes enzymatic responses for RNA based synthetic virus/vaccine creation?
  • Dual-purposes DNA therapy for mass genetic drifts/acquisition ?
  • Dual-purposes scientific moratorium on influenza research ?
  • Dual-purposes uptake (and withdrawal) of glutamate and aspartame for "enhanced" Dopaminergic like effects?
  • Dual-purposes schizophrenia from monoamine overload?
  • Dual-purposes CB1 gene (a primitive gene for anxiety modulation and survival i guess..)
  • Dual-purposes bacterial quorum sensing ?
  • Dual-purposes proteins engineering for mass gene therapy ?
  • Dual-purposes DIY Bioterrorism for newbies... (note this require a PCR...)
  • Dual-purposes Glycine biosynthesis... ? (yet another atypical therapy for Schizophrenia it seems, NMDA agonist, LINK)

I hope you liked this recap. Obviously this list may be incomplete...

Anyways it should be noted that the poison trails operations on top of live civilians populations may in addition to this list further imply a DUAL-PURPOSES biological mecanism for still unidentified/obscure purposes, as evidences for mass schizophrenia therapy are starting to suggests a possible induced state of profound (and self-regulated) emotional/anxiety stress reactions in affected civilians populations.

Thus, with this explanation in mind, the schizophrenia like symptoms becomes the primary model to study and understand the altered cognitive state and mood swings following an exposure to the unidentified substance... (Ie, the brain has very little mecanisms to modulate stress response when the CB1 gene get down-regulated, resulting in more glutamate uptake...)

Keywords: monoamine (brain neurotransmitter), GABA (brain neurotransmitter), Glutamate, Schizophrenia, BACHEM, Synthetic Biology, DNA engineering, CB1 (for anxiety/stress modulation), PSYCHOLOGY, Glycine



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