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Growth of L1, GF, PP strains

  • Colony sizes at 38 hours
    • L1: 14-16 div
    • GF: 11-14 div
    • PP: 8-11 div Morphology of the PP colonies is peaked, with much less spreading of the outside, higher growth on the central region.
  • original W12 plate shows some mycoplasma shaped colonies, but also yeast? contamination
  • No growth visible on sterile plate or on the newly streaked (14 hour) W12 plate

Growth at 19 hours of inoculated liquid cultures

  • L1 B clear yellow
  • L1 A slight orange
  • GF A slight orange
  • others unchanged
  • Still no growth on newer W12 plate
  • put L1, GF, PP plates at +4 in bags

Growth at 22 hours

  • L1 A clear yellow
  • L1 B yellow, slightly cloudy
  • GF A yellow-orange
  • GF B yellow-orange

Made 1161 medium and plates, made 1161 agar stabs.

Growth at 24 hours

  • L1A, L1B slightly cloudy
  • GFA, GFB yellow
  • four cultures put at +4
  • Still no growth in PP cultures, W12 new plate
  • Picked two more colonies from PP plate, PP C, PP D
  • Picked two colonies from W12 original older plate, W12 A, W12 B