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THE BIO POWER is a student community aims to provide guidance and informations to the students of undergardaute and postgraduate level for building career in life sciences.

Our Aims

In the explosive growth of life sciences research and development it is a great demand for young researchers having interdisciplinary approaches to solve biological problems.

THE BIOPOWER is working in the university of rajasthan, jaipur, india. This students organization was created by student of M.Sc. microbiology and biotechnology at the university campus. Presently we have 100 members at undergraduate and postgraduate level. In our major activity we are providing information and guidance for various M.Sc. Int Ph.D. and Ph.D. admissions at national repute institutions. Guidance for various competetive examinations like CSIR-JRF, DBT-JRF, ICMR-JRF, IISC entrance, JNU, IIT-JAM, BARC, GATE, NII, NBRC to all students is our primary goal. We want to improve the scientific environment of rajsthan by provding informaitons.

Guidelines for Biology Students

We are trying to provide our all resources from this website. Our target is to prepare a huge number of manpower having strong and in-depth basic knowledge of biology which can do research independently in near future in any laboratory of the world. [1]

How to do a rigorous search on google

Search on google (googling for any topic) is starting of anything in present days. On single word query google can produce a million search results. It is almost impossible to see one by one that all. Google advance search provide many good tools to get better and filtered results. After these filters you can get excellent results and top most are that which we wants.

I am describing here few of them. You can find more.

1. Click on the advanced search set the number to result display 100. We not supposed to click on next after every 10 results. 2. I am taking an example of "systems biology" 3. First we search the simple systems biology in google [2]. You can find 133 million search. It is a big amount. need to filter. In this search google will search systems and biology both separately and will score the pages according to some indics. 4. No we make systems biology a single word, because it is a single word. We only interested in that pages which are really related to "systems biology" so we make this string in google "systems biology" and then search. Now the results are 16 millions. [3]. These pages has systems biology as a string. This string operator can be apply to any search engine. Like Scholar, NCBI, HIGHWIRE, NATURE. etc.

5. This is our raw search results data, still a big amount. We needs another filter. Now it depends on you what to you wants.

I ma taking few example.

A. Like if you are interested only the web pages which hosted on a university website (particularly USA). Then apply the "" ( for United Kingdom [4]). Now the result is 275,000. The results shows some names of universities, department, Institute and professors which are dealing with "Systems Biology". Now it is your imagination power what you want to filter more.

We can apply file filter filetype:pdf [5] [6], filetype:ppt[7], filetype:doc [8]These three are most utilized one. you can also use filetype:swf (For animation files), filetype:sdf [9]for Structure data files. Its depend on you what you wants. You need to figure out on which type of file (pdf, ppt, doc, sdf, etc) people put which information. Then it will be easy to find the right things.

6. Now there are some more operators which may utilized for the google search. inurl:"systems biology" kitano This will display all the pages which has systems biology in URL address and kitano in text content. [10]

allintitle: "systems biology" This will produce the pages which have "systems biology" in there title. [11]

'-inurl:pdf' if you are not interested in pdf then use it. Also can be used for the DOC, PPT, HTML, ASP, php, HTM and many more [12] [13]. It will help when you are trying to find some specific page.

7. Now for example if we are interested in a microsoft excel tutorial then we can use this search. [14]. the result will produce some nice pages which cover some basic and advanced principles of data analysis in excel.

There are a number of combination can possible with this operators, you need to figure out which combination will give you the right and desired information. This is a area of research that on which operator combination we can get which informations. [15]


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