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Changing the Rate Constants

After searching for a bit, i think that 10 amino acids bind to the catalytic core. I inferred this (since no one seems to flat out say it) from

  • The Directional Preference of Kinesin Motors Is Specified by an Element outside of the Motor Catalytic Domain
  • Searching for kinesin's mechanical amplifier
  • Two Conformations in the human kinesin power stroke defined by X-ray crystallography and EPR spectroscopy

Koch is trying to find other papers that talk about this right now, but i am going with 10 a.a right now.

With that we can get our change in contour length to be 3.5 nm (which is also our change in x).

With this stuff we'll know how to lower the rate constant going into this state. I don't know what to do about coming out of a docked/docked or undocked/undocked state though. That got more complicated in Evans work. I think Koch will have some good input on this though. So i'll ask him about it later.