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Length Measurement

I have made a that can calculate the length of the microtubule from the opening moments of the tracking and at the very end. it can do this through the velocity and from measuring the distances between points. So it gave 4 different measurements--which are actually independent i believe.

But I wanted more than 4 so, i came up with this

Here is a front panel image of my rambling idea. The graph on the left is the graph i get from the current length finding It shows the front and end and the overlap in green. next to that is a failed attempt to median filter that graph to get a nice smooth trajectory. The fartest graph on the right is a smoothed trajectory using Koch's smoothing .vi. The graph below that is the distances of the microtubule calculated for each frame. And it shows the average answer and standard deviation next to that. I have to fix this if i want to implement it

This needs to smooth the complete trajectory between the front and end trajectories. It then calculates the distance between front and end for each frame.

I just want to run this by you guys and see if it is something you wanna put in. I should also put in the time array so i can calculate length through velocity as well.