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Creating a Trajectory

I have a pretty good way to make a trajectory now. The user can put his trajectory together piece wise. They can add a horizontal line, vertical line, or circle in any order they want. And make each one of those as long as they want. I can add more geometries to create more intricate trajectories like a slanted line, but for right now this can do what i want. This .vi can also calculate the distances between adjacent points as well. It does this through
[math]\displaystyle{ s=\sqrt{(x_1-x_0)^2+(y_1-y_0)^2} }[/math]
So i have everything i need now to make any trajectory and then make a microtubule of a certain length move along it. I still have to worry about the width of the microtubule, but for right now i'll go with it being a line and get this working. Then i'll add width.

This works decent, but i have a hard time transitioning from the horizontal line to the circle. I think it is the abrupt change that does it. The points around the change from line to circle have a shorter length than all the other points. This might be ok to work with. i can take these points our or since i know the actual answers this can sill be used to show if the tracking software is working alright. So i'll just go ahead with this.


Here is a movie of the trajectory i made. I think everything is working well. I am happy with this. Now i have to take this image and send it through my convolution and i think i'd have a good looking simulation of the movie we get.

oh wait i gotta get this width right first. Alright let me see how badly i can screw this up. hmm maybe i don't have to worry about screwing this up since the width of the microtubule is so small if keep the high res image pixel higher than the width of the microtubule i should be golden.

Maybe the next thing i gotta do is automate the convolution .vi. But i am getting tired so maybe i'll do that tomorrow.