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Automating the Mother

First off I don't really like the background. It looks like snow from back when some tv channels had snow. The older people in the crowd will know what i am talking about. I'll figure out how to make it more realistic in a little bit. The problem is that I don't think Cheezum had to worry about this because his tracking software he was studying was different from mine. Mine is very strongly linked to the microtubule standing out from the background and the ones he was looking at isn't. So this may have to get creative to make a background look better. Or maybe it isn't a problem. I'll think about it.

So to the real subject of today. Yesterday i made a movie of 10 frames (2 frames/sec in the movie). Each frame was supposed to be a second. Anyway i just went through the .vi and moved the microtubule by hand and then saved the image and restarted the .vi. Now i want to tell it how many frames i want it to travel as well as the velocity (pixels/frame) and let it do its thing

OK I've been fucking around all day. I am trying to allow the user to make the path they want the microtubule to take. This has been a pain in the ass. To make the microtubule go in a straight line is easy (horizontal or vertical) but to make the microtubule move in a half circle or anything like that is tough.

But when i get to trying to solve the center of the image problem i mentioned yesetrday there is a property node that i might be able to use to set it straight. And that is good news. Now back to trying to allow the user make their own path.

And now I am starting to realize there is no easy way to make this trajectory. I need to know the x and y coordinates so i can calculate the distance between them and then i can make the microtubule move along that just fine. I think but this ain't easy in labview. Well tomorrow i'll just make the .vi move vertical or horizontal, and figure out how to do this more complicated trajectory another day.