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After yesterday's enhancements i am still trying to work all the bugs out. It runs and it does a pretty good job but now it loses the microtubule a bit quicker. I gotta look for the reason, but Andy wants data today so i'll look tomorrow. it works well enough to get plenty of data it's just not perfect.

Andy I am putting your data here: Z:\Data for Andy

My software sucks at tracking microtubules that twist and turn a shit load. Andy's always seem to form circles and turn abruptly. Also the low concentration of fluorescence seems to be a problem. For the twist and turns, it isn't obvious if this is from D20 or from kinesin being old or crappy or something like that. Since this is D20 at 10% it seems a bit unlikely that the D20 would cause such a huge change. Also the background color changes a lot for D20 10% 01 that caused some problems as well

Andy, there is some pretty shitty data for D20 01 and 02 but 03 has some good looking curves. So don't get frustrated looking at this just yet.

D20 10% 03 Frame 42 4.txt--i was tracking this MT then it combined with another microtubule and traveled along until the disconnected and then the guy i was watching kept going. They combined after like 3 frames or so (i'll have to check later) and then disconnected. I successfully tracked the same guy before and after combination. I also tracked the other microtubule after disconnection from frame 102 on

I went through much of the 10%. D20 03 is by far the best data. I am starting on 20% but i have to go give blood in 7 minutes so i don't think i'll get too far. Sorry Andy I might come back after blood letting and get some more data, but i think there are some good things here fer ya