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Tracking Idea

So before on the other computer, the microtubule we were tracking as blinking. I figured this was just a problem with the computer because when i put it on my computer it worked fine. Also I needed to make certain changes to make sure everything was kosher like changing some images from 8 bit to 16. But now that i think about it, it could be that the fluorescence concentration is lower than Haiqing was using so there are spots on the microtubule which look just like background. So when the magic wand works it cuts the microtubule in half or something like this. I haven't checked but this could be a problem. Or at least it could be in the future. Anyways to overcome this I think i can do two things. The first is to make a template of the previous microtubule. So if the magic wand doesn't work it can go back to pattern match for the microtubule in the very previous image. This is assuming that large changes doesn't happen between frames. So for this more frames per second would be better. The other idea is that i watch the area when it drops dramatically i can look for more objects within x pixels of the known shorter microtubule (where x can be 2 or something like that). This can combine all the objects within range and pick the first and last coordinate from it. This should work no matter what but the problem is it'll be tough to implement. Difficult programming. But i can think about it. The pattern match may be the best idea. Not sure yet. I'll have to play around and test a couple of things.