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First Draft

I am almost done with the first draft. I have to make graphs of course, but the result section is almost done. I just need to talk about force and back stepping, but i am done for today. I spent half the day writing, and even though it is crappy I can start the revision process

Time in each state

Last time i talked here, i said i made a to keep track the number of times each state was entered. Now i added on that and have it keep track of amount of time in each state. I have a time array for the random times chosen for the transition in the choose branch So i took these times and and keep track of them for each cycle. It is looking good. Got some interesting results. Like release of inorganic phosphate takes up the most time by far in the cycle. After that it is some rare states since they have slow transition rates. But it is interesting, and it needed to get done for the paper. I wonder what other information i have to capture for the paper