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Introduction Writing

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I finished that paragraph. I don't know how much detail to go into for my simulation in the introduction. Also I don't know if i have to go into detail about what an agent based model is and how this works here.

God i hate writing this shit. I am trying to write the methods part and it is so annoying. And does it matter we'll tear it apart and rewrite it 1000 times anyway. So as long as I get something so it can be edited i guess that's all that matters. Nope can't do it. This sucks too much.

Too hold off writing, I added the ability to change the on/off rates by multiplying them universally by a number. After lowering the off rate by a factor of 10 and increasing the on rate by a factor of 10, the kinesin model walks slower and takes longer to fall off, but moves less distance. So <t> is 1.66 and <length> is 514.9. Compare this to normal conditions with a <t> 1.26 of and a <length> of 845.7. I don't like that 1.26 for time. I wonder if i can get it lower. OK i got it down to <t> 1.05 and <length> 843.12. So after running it with 10 times less off rate and 10 times more on rate like before the <t> is 1.98 and <length> is 599.7. So a large drop in the velocity, and the length it travels, but a large increase in how long it takes to fall off. All of these were expected values over 500 sims.

So hopefully tomorrow i can get back to writing. I want to get a paper published here. For the paper it'll probably be a good idea to analyze which states are entered the most. To say here is our core cycle. That will be annoying to program though. But might be insightful.

I spoke to Evans, and he said it might be a good idea to make an outline. A very thorough one to help me tell my story. Also he said if that doesn't work dictating it might be a good idea. I can record my voice through the microphone. He also suggested writing in the morning and doing something i like to do in the afternoon. I'll try to make this outline tomorrow. I do like the idea of dictating it since i gave my candidacy no problem. Hopefully this'll help my writing problem.