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First Iteration Done

I have finished plugging in all the side chains as well as the states that don't occur off the side chains. It looks good. It takes on average 110 steps in 1.05 seconds. It burns through 114.1 ATPs in that time which is also a good sign which means 1.03 ATP/step.

I am sure i'll have to change some of these rate constants as i delve into it, but i just hope i don't have to change many of them.

I am running the simulation now with varying ATP concentration. For each concentration i run the simulation 100 times take the expected value of velocity and at the end will graph velocity versus concentration. I didn't turn the into sub routines so this will take a while to get done. Probably over night. But nothing in this run simulation over and over again .vi is set to optimize time so i am not surprised. THis just means i'll probably have to run this while i go home.

Here is the graph it has a Km of about 44 which is pretty good. I don't know the deal with that bad point, but it is looking pretty good. I am more excited now.