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Adding the First Side Chain

OK I added the first side chain from the first state in the core cycle. I still don't have the error from yesterday nor do i have a good grip of this other Markov method i am using; the fundamental matrix in discrete theory. But I was able to add on this side chain.

Now the kinesin finieshes in 2.9 seconds and walks 2,827.7 nm. This has a velocity of 975.1 nm/s which is still in range. Before this chain was added on it had a velocity of 987.7 nm/s. So it dropped some like i expected. i still have a lot more side chains to add on, but i am feeling good about this.

I just don't know how much it should have dropped. Or how much it will drop with other side chains added on. Well i'll just have to see tomorrow when i add another one on.