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I cracked

So I didn't want to do any real work until the Candidacy was over on Thursday, but i cracked. I came in early this morning to create a couple of slides based on suggestions from Friday. then I went home, but halfway through the day i realized i had to make another slide. So i decided to come back in. Well i made that slide in like 5 minutes, but i didn't want to drive here just for five minutes of work. So i cracked and started working on the rate constants.

It is almost sadistically fun. Because i started out with the average run length being pretty low, but as i go on there seems to be more and more micron length.

the top is the histogram of time to completion and the bottom is the histogram of run length. There is a periodic zero because the length of the run can't be anything but multiples of 8 since that is the step.
For the record here is a run length histogram from Rosenfeld. I am still a bit off because his doesn't die out till about 1500 and mine is dead by 1000 but it is on the way.

OK with my tinkering i am farther away now, so i think i'll call it a day. but at least i got some real work in. so i feel good about that. plus i have some changes in the presentation to do tonight.

Steve Koch 01:51, 5 October 2009 (EDT): This is pretty sweet. I can't really tell what tinkering you did, but it's cool to see the plots related to Rosenfeld data. BTW: After exam, a goal will be to focus on how to save these settings. You need an easy way to link the current rate constants to this notebook entry. One method for now is to "save as distribution" to a new VI library, and then put that library in the webpub directory. A better long-term method is to save settings to INI files that are in the webpub data directory. Well, "sorry" you cracked, I figured you would :)

Koch, what's the plan for tomorrow? I gotta hear your suggestions from Friday right?

Steve Koch 01:51, 5 October 2009 (EDT): Yup, I was hoping I'd be able to go over that with you tomorrow in person. However, it's not clear yet what's going to go on tomorrow w/ C. She had her Asthma act up this weekend, and if it's worse, I'm going to have a helluva time figuring out what to do with trying to do lecture. So, I can't really plan on anything in the morning, sorry. If I can't do the morning, would evening work? Either I could just write up my notes (that would probably work), or you could stop by to go over it?